Troubleshooting my Password Change Notification script

powershell2xa4I regularly receive questions on my PowerShell Script for Password Change Notification. Whilst i have tried to keep the Q&A limited to the Technet Gallery page, it occurred to me i might be better off putting together a basic troubleshooting guide a bit like a FAQ.

What you have to understand is i am inherently lazy, which is why i wrote the script in the first place, and being a bit short on ideas for posts.. well, here we are.

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Office 365 Migration–Notes from a newbie. Or Killer Mistakes I made.

EOnlineI have just completed a migration from On Premises Exchange 2007, to Exchange Online. Despite what i thought was a pretty well prepared migration, i was gotchad at least four times, the last time actually needed Microsoft Escalation Support, when in actual fact  a slight change to documentation and me reading a littler clearer would have solved the four days troubleshooting we did.

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Password Change Reminder PowerShell Script Updated!

powershell2xa4Back in 2012 i wrote a script to help me remind users about their password expiry, to reduce the number of calls i got on the helpdesk. I decided to share it and published it on the TechNet Gallery,

It has been quite popular since then, with over 8,000 downloads!

Throughout that time i have received a number of questions about how to tweak the script to do various things or fix bugs and errors that people have found.

I have been tweaking it as i go, without much notification to anyone. I have just finished quite a big change, so i thought i would put up a post here, to let people know.

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Are you ready to WIN?!?  ARE YOU READY TO WIN?!?!?

If you are at all interested in Office 365 then you should really also be interested in PowerShell. If i told you, you can manage Office 365, through PowerShell, would you be even more interested? Excited even?

Well if that sounds like you, and you think you have what it takes then you may well be in with a chance of taking a way a free eBook courtesy of Office 365 MVP and all around nice guy Robert Crane.

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Essentials 2012 Manage DNS AutoDiscovery

Logo1Listening to the ‘Home Server Show’ podcast recently,  the conversation inevitably steered towards Client DNS on Essentials. It reminded me that i had written a script last year, to manage the UR3 feature of Essentials 2012 that being ‘DNS AutoDiscovery’ but never actually shared it.

I uploaded it to the TechNet Gallery today.

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Windows Server Essentials – Configuration Troubleshooter

powershell2xa4I had a support case this week where it became apparent to me that there is no quick and easy way to test Essentials Servers for Configuration errors. Manually working through IIS or Certificates is prone to human error, as was proved to me, by me missing certain key things.

Uncharacteristically i decided to write a PowerShell script to save me from this sort of embarrassment in the future, and make me look really good next time i need to troubleshoot an Essentials Server.

You can download the tool from here, and am very interested to hear how it works for you.

If you have already downloaded it, i have updated the tool so you should download it again!

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Quick Fix: Office 2013 Activation Failure

microsoft_office_2013I have had several occurrences now of Office 2013 failing to activate. This is on brand new PCs with a trial of 2013 installed, or partially installed and after i have registered the key with a Live ID.

I read on a forum that one possible solution to the failure to activate was to go into an Office application, go to File, then Account and use the change license button to enter a new key. The problem was, it didn’t have that option listed. Read more of this post

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