Migrate SBS 2011 Standard to Windows Server 2016


Your trusty old SBS 2011 is finally being retired. It had a good run. It probably still works but you cant get the parts, and the cloud is so appealing and for whatever reason you have, you are putting in a new on premises DC.

Hey, you don’t have to justify it to me. Chances are you shipped Exchange off to the cloud long ago, your clients never really ‘got’ SharePoint and SQL was just used by the backup software and WSUS.

The only thing we want to migrate is Active Directory and File & Print services. Read more of this post

Migrating to SBS 2011 Essentials eBook

sbse-conFor over a year i have been working with the idea of publishing a guide on Migrating to SBS 2011 Essentials.

It did start life as a blog series all that time ago but quickly became a huge project. I had shelved it for a while as I worked on a number of other posts, and projects, including a number of books, including the MS Press SBS Essentials title, and also a book on Windows Intune.

It has been nagging away at me that it wasn’t finished. I do hate leaving things half done.

Good news however, I finished it recently and decided rather than publish it as a blog post, to wrap it up as an eBook. One of the reasons is it is over 130 pages long.

This item is no longer available if you are interested in a copy please get in touch.


Introducing the Microsoft SBS 2011 Essentials Answer File Tool!!

sbse-conI have never been able to understand coding. It has always been a bit of a mystery, or black art to me, left for the likes of Slytherin house to enter their Parseltounge into Visual Studio or your developer tool of choice.

I mean, it literally makes no sense at all does it. Read more of this post

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