DHCP Option Values and PowerShell

Following on from my previous post, i wanted to share a small bit of PowerShell i created whilst on a site visit.

This was before i had worked on Vendor Classes but actually follows on quite nicely. In the previous post i mentioned a requirement to set an alternate NTP Server address, and used 1.uk.pool.ntp.org.

For those who may have worked with those NTP Servers in the past you may know that (as the name suggests) they are a pool of servers and the IP address returned changes frequently. So, setting that value statically and forgetting about it led me to find a new Phone on a clients desk was not syncing the time.  Read more of this post

DHCP Vendor Class Polycom Phones

Bit of a change of pace for me today. No Essentials and No PowerShell.

I am setting up a new DHCP Server for a client. It is a small LAN that has no VLANs or any other advanced configuration, which leads their Polycom phones to sharing the same configuration as the client computers. This is generally OK of course however I wanted to specify specific NTP information to the phones. Of course I could do this with DHCP Reservations tied to MAC addresses, but I decided that after twelve years working in IT, I should probably try out DHCP Vendor Options.  Read more of this post

Quick Fix: AFD.sys / AFD Service is missing Windows XP

I had a customer email me yesterday with the following symptoms…


This particular client is located in France, so a site visit is a little tricky. Luckily they had a second computer, and we could talk through Skype. I did some basic connectivity tests like ipconfig, the IP was reported as with a subnet mask of Read more of this post

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