Migrate SBS 2011 Standard to Windows Server 2016


Your trusty old SBS 2011 is finally being retired. It had a good run. It probably still works but you cant get the parts, and the cloud is so appealing and for whatever reason you have, you are putting in a new on premises DC.

Hey, you don’t have to justify it to me. Chances are you shipped Exchange off to the cloud long ago, your clients never really ‘got’ SharePoint and SQL was just used by the backup software and WSUS.

The only thing we want to migrate is Active Directory and File & Print services. Read more of this post

SBS 2011 Essentials – Windows 10

logoMicrosoft published a helpful blog post and table of the various Client OSs supported by the various Essentials Server versions, and any known issues or workarounds required to get them to work.

I just want to focus on Windows 10 and in a little more detail. In this post we will just be looking at Windows 10 and SBS 2011 Essentials.

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SBS, Essentials, RWA and SSL

padlockI have blogged before about setting up the RWA on Essentials, we all remember that mammoth post right?

The countless hours we wasted trying to make the wizard work, troubleshooting certificates with GoDaddy, Enom, Microsoft and that’s before you worry about where your domain name is hosted. Thankfully, or should it be, mercifully, in Essentials 2012 the whole wizard process is a lot cleaner and dare i say more intuitive.

That is, however, unless you lack an understanding of what this stuff actually does and how it works.

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Windows MultiPoint Server with SBS 2011

imagesMultiPoint server can be joined to the SBS 2011 domain, just like any other server. However, before the MultiPoint server (or any other additional application server) will show up in RWA, we will have to add a special registry key and add the server name on the SBS 2011.

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Quick Fix : DNS Forwarders SBS 2011 Essentials


Update – This post will also apply to Windows Server 2012 Essentials

I have seen a number of posts on the forums about people who are having trouble with DNS Resolution on SBS 2011 Essentials.

Sean Daniel posted an excellent explanation of the how’s and whys of Essentials and DNS, and why the Server has a Dynamic IP… <shudder>

Anyway, knowing why something does something, and not being happy with it doing it, are two separate things.

So, if you want to force your DNS Forwarders to be something other than your Default Gateway, or, to use something else instead, you can build a simple scheduled task to do this.

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Quick Fix: FTP on SBS 2011 (Server 2008 R2)

sbsstdI have a new client who migrated to SBS 2011. They run some shipping label software that FTP’s information down from a server online to a local database on the server.

It used to run on a Server 2003 member server, but part of the migration was to move this onto the SBS 2011 box.

The company who support the software did the transfer, but when the software stalled when trying to ftp in, they had exhausted their knowledge and were out of ideas.

“…er, yeah don’t know how to do this on SBS…” Read more of this post

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