Windows Server 2012 Essentials–Windows 10

logo_thumb1Microsoft published a helpful blog post and table of the various Client OSs supported by the various Essentials Server versions, and any known issues or workarounds required to get them to work.

Today, i am focussing on 2012 Essentials, and Windows 10. Read more of this post

Essentials 2012 Manage DNS AutoDiscovery

Logo1Listening to the ‘Home Server Show’ podcast recently,  the conversation inevitably steered towards Client DNS on Essentials. It reminded me that i had written a script last year, to manage the UR3 feature of Essentials 2012 that being ‘DNS AutoDiscovery’ but never actually shared it.

I uploaded it to the TechNet Gallery today.

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Windows Server 2012–Failed Backup Disk

WindowsVistaBackupIconThis is a quick post just based on something i have done this morning for a charity i do some volunteer support for. This year i installed a new server for them running Windows Server 2012, and two Hyper-V guests as a Domain Controller and Exchange server. Due to budget restraints they only had a single USB drive available for backups, and of course, recently that failed.

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What am i reading? Introduction to Windows Server 2012

675353.inddI got notification (like many im sure) that my Windows 2003 certifications will be phased out this year. Having skipped the 2008 track until now, i decided to get off my ass and do some studying. I haven’t done an exam since the Windows 7 beta’s in 2009, so im looking forward to hitting the books again.

Im planning to take 70-410 –  Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 first, and then move on through the new MCSA/E track. Read more of this post

Windows Server 2012 Essentials Feature Comparison

LogoA lot of people have asked what is the difference between Server 2012 Standard and Essentials, and then the difference again when an Essentials box is transmogged. I don’t know of any official resource available from Microsoft that answers this question, so i made a little chart. This is just based on the ‘Windows Features’ built into the underlying OS and does not include the Essentials ‘Value Add’ features like Client PC Backup, the RWA and so on. Read more of this post

Windows Server 2012 Essentials HP Printer Unspecified Device

LogoI recently did a post about adding a Printer to an Essentials server, i thought i had covered all the bases, however i have seen several questions pop up on the forum regarding HP Printers appearing as unspecified devices when connected via USB. This presented me with a unique challenge as all my lab kit is on HyperV. However i do have a USB HP printer in the office, so i hooked it up with a long USB lead to a MicroServer, and set about trying to repro the problem.

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Windows Server 2012 Essentials : Add a Network Printer

LogoI have seen and heard of people struggling to install printer drivers in mixed x64 and x86 environments, it has been a problem for a long time now, probably as far back as XP x64, certainly it was an issue with SBS 2008.

The problem being in order to install a printer on the Server, you need the x64 bit driver, but on a client pc you may be on x86 (32Bit) Windows, so you need a different driver.

Essentials 2012 is no different. So, i thought i would just get an example together using a printer i have here in the office, an HP Laserjet 3055. This is a good example actually because when you install it to WSE12, it picks up a valid driver, but there is no equivalent driver for Windows client available from HP.

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