PowerShell Password Reminder Script Updated!

mslogoToday I finally released my updated version of the now infamous, PowerShell Password Reminder script.

It has been a long time coming, and I have tried to incorporate a lot of the feedback (if not all from the 230 Q&As from the TechNet Gallery.

Now on GitHub https://github.com/titlerequired/public

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Office 365 Email Password Reminder

powershell2xa4Regular readers will no doubt be aware of the script i wrote about two years ago to alert a user their password was about to expire. If not, just what exactly have you been doing with your time?

In any case, several people have asked me if it can be made to work with Office 365. Using 365 as the email relay to send the messages, was one thing, querying 365 for a users password expiry, was something else. Something which at the time i believe could not be done.

Given they constantly release new features and tweaks, i revisited it this week and found that actually it can now be done, with a few tweaks to the original script.

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Troubleshooting my Password Change Notification script

powershell2xa4I regularly receive questions on my PowerShell Script for Password Change Notification. Whilst i have tried to keep the Q&A limited to the Technet Gallery page, it occurred to me i might be better off putting together a basic troubleshooting guide a bit like a FAQ.

What you have to understand is i am inherently lazy, which is why i wrote the script in the first place, and being a bit short on ideas for posts.. well, here we are.

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