Solarwinds MSP Script Check – Spectre

Ah, Mr Bond I have been.. no that’s a different Spectre.

If you are reading this then you will know what Spectre is. It is of course a new, vulnerability announced in nearly every device on the planet. Possibly some on Mars and the ISS as well. Definitely on many you look after.

Skipping over the technical details of the problem, which are covered in far greater detail and by those with far superior expertise elsewhere, I wanted to focus on a quick check I implemented for our MSP clients.

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Remote Command Line–GFI MAX

facepalmI did something stupid. When i say ‘something’ i mean, something additional to the other stupid things i usually do in the course of the day.

We had a new PC in for setup, usually this is the work of my proles Co Workers, but as i was the only one in the office that day i knuckled down and bloody well did it myself. The first task we usually undertake is to remove all of the preinstalled additional programs vendors like to ship with their PCs. If you missed the recent Lenovo incident, that is a great example of why you might want to do this. Read more of this post

Windows Server Essentials–Client Backup Monitoring

powershell2xa4Just a quick post to say i have posted a script that works with GFIs RMM platform to monitor Client Backups for Windows Server Essentials.

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