Small Business Server 2011 Standard–Windows 10

sbsstdUpdated 15/08/2016

Following a comment below, i revisited and noticed an error in my syntax. Confirming this does indeed work on 10586 (1511) and 14393 (1607)

I recently did a series of posts about Essentials Servers and Windows 10.

I am just picking up on one issue with SBS Standard (2011) where you have to manually edit a file relating to the /Connect process.

Normally this is straight forward, and the instructions on the MS blog post are fine, except it gave me a major OCD headache. Read more of this post

SBS 2011 Standard: Add a PSConfig Email Alert

sbsstdA client called me today to say ‘we cant get on the internet’, I asked what happened when they loaded up the browser, and they got a 503 Service Unavailable.

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SBS 2011 Standard : Exchange 2010 Single Message Restore

sbsstdDuring a recent SMB MVP Community Roadshow event in Edinburgh, a member of the audience asked us about Email restore in SBS 2011.

Although i knew this could be done, i had never actually done it. So i decided to work out how it was done with SBS 2011.

I found a lot of great resources online that helped me with the process and i have linked to them at the end of this post.

I’m focusing on a situation where we are restoring from a backup, rather than what is available through the Exchange dumpster (aka Recover Deleted Items) although i do cover that briefly below.

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