Quick Fix: AFD.sys / AFD Service is missing Windows XP

I had a customer email me yesterday with the following symptoms…


This particular client is located in France, so a site visit is a little tricky. Luckily they had a second computer, and we could talk through Skype. I did some basic connectivity tests like ipconfig, the IP was reported as with a subnet mask of Read more of this post

Quick Fix : Uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEPM) 11 Without Uninstall Password

So i have a clients laptop (XP SP3) which is bluescreening on startup with a NAVEX15.sys error.

(This from Nirsoft – Blue Screen View)

The system would boot into safe mode with networking, but not full windows.

I tried all sorts to clear this, System Restore, msconfig – disabling all non MS services and everything not in c:\windows from the startup tab.
I also uninstalled the NAVEX and any Symantec devices from Device Manager, (look for show hidden devices)

This didnt help.

I then searched the registry for navex15.sys and deleted the related keys from the registry.

This allowed me to boot up.

I then uninstalled symantec.. but wait it asked me for a password, and i dont remember that (like i ever knew it!)

Enter this great little tip from of all places, the symantec forums..


Specifically this entry from reza akhlaghy:

“..Hi Richard,

There’s an easy way, when password prompt opens, run task manager and END
task called MSIEXEC that runs under your user account (not system). The password
go away and uninstall continues !!

So far this trick works both for SEP and older versions…”

Bingo. Symantec now uninstalled.

I am using NiNite.com to update all web related apps on this system, and then, unfortunatley, i have to reinstall Symantec. :(

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