Unable to create a VPN Connection on Windows 10

metroA friend called me up recently to ask for help with a Windows laptop. It had been running Windows 8.1 and auto upgraded to 10. During the upgrade, or, as a consequence of the upgrade it had lost its VPN connection to the main office.

It would not allow a new VPN connection to be setup either, with the wizard instantly failing after you entered the remote IP address, or, accepting the remote IP Address but sitting on the ‘Creating the Connection’ screen indefinitely. Read more of this post

You cannot restore files from Windows Server Essentials

LogoYou may be aware that a recent update broke the restore wizard that is a key component of client PC backup in Windows Server Essentials.

A hotfix was released that fixed the issue for Windows 7, but Windows 8 was not included.

Yesterday Microsoft updated the Hotfix to now include a Windows 8 version. Great news if you are waiting on file recovery. Slightly disappointing it has taken quite so long, but who knows maybe it was harder to fix on Windows 8!

Make IE prompt to remember password, again!

WinningI had saved a password in IE, for a website i regularly log in to. It is a shared supplier account, and for various reasons was changed recently. Unfortunately for me, on my Windows 8 PC at work, it was not prompting me to remember the new password, worse still, it was remembering the old password. Which i was not remembering to clear out, whilst also not remembering the new password. So you had IE not remembering, to remember to ask me to save the new password, and me not remembering to forget the saved password and not remembering the new password. Read more of this post

Quick Fix : Update SBS2011 Essentials Windows 7 Pro Pack for Windows 8

sbse-conNice title for a post, hopefully the SEO on that one will kick in.

Had a question come into one of my mailboxes about the Windows 7 Pro Pack and making the GPOs apply to Windows 8.

If you recall, SBS 2011 Essentials launched an Addin to push out some preconfigured GPOs to clients for security settings and folder redirection. I covered the WMI filters in a post about how to extend that functionality to Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Running a GPResult /R on a Win8 client, we can see that our custom GPOs that use WMI filters, are not being applied.

Read more of this post

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

windows-8-logoI wanted to dip my toe into the murky water that is Windows 8, but i kind of like my laptop the way it is.

Read more of this post

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