Outlook Office 365 System Folder Names appear with 1

RSS Feeds1After an Office 365 migration I had noticed I had some duplicate folders in my Outlook. The duplicate folder appeared with a 1 next to the folder name, and what’s worse it was on the ‘System Folders’ like Junk Mail or RSS Feeds.

you might be forgiven for thinking, so what? well indeed, but it was annoying the hell out of me and this is my website, so there you go..

I tried numerous times to remove them, or delete them, and replace them with new folders. Of course none of this worked. Read more of this post

Office 365 ProPlus 2016 CTR Deployment Tool Error 30029-1007

Office 365I had this problem today and i just couldn’t figure it out. Thankfully the issue was i was being an idiot which was my first thought, but you know, its good to confirm these things.

You may be setting up your clients networks to use the CTR Deployment Tool which was recommended to me by Guy Gregory after my last foray into Office 365 deployment.

If you haven’t used it before, then do check it out.

Anyway today i was updating a clients system as they have just given the go ahead to upgrade from 2013 to 2016.

I edited the Configuration.XML file and i was convinced that was right, but immediately  i  would get an error on running setup.exe. Read more of this post

Quick Fix: Office 365 DirSync Hide a user from Global Address List

This week i have been working on some process automation, around a user leaving an organisation using Office 365.

DirSync (and it’s newer iterations) has been a very useful for Password Sync and User creation, however it can be a bit of a drag when it comes to editing mailbox settings. In this case, Hiding a user from the Global Address List.

Set-Mailbox Error On Prem

So to hide the Mailbox from our Office 365 Address List we need to use ADSIEdit and change the msExchHideFromAddressLists attribute to True, then wait for DirSync to do it’s thing. Read more of this post

Quick Fix: Office 2016 Downgrade to Office 2013 (Office 365)

LogoI have a client who still runs Exchange 2007. They are quite a large firm and have well over 150 seats. For reasons i wont go into they purchase their Office software via the OEM channel along with any new PC or Device.

They recently went out and acquired a Surface Pro 3, but didn’t order Office. At the same time they also acquired a MacBook Pro which also needed a copy of Office. We decided this was a good time to get them started on moving to Office 365 and signed up for two licenses.

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Quick Fix: Delegate an Office 365 Partner Administrator Account

LogoThis is something that no amount of searching for could give me the answer to. I had to blindly stumble through the portal, and i understand this is probably obvious to those more familiar with the partner side of Office 365.

So, the problem i had was we had signed up to Office 365 as a partner, we were adding clients and had all the delegated administration setup perfectly. Except that the only account that could access the Partner Tab, was our initial Office 365 Administrator account. Read more of this post

Office 365 Email Password Reminder

powershell2xa4Regular readers will no doubt be aware of the script i wrote about two years ago to alert a user their password was about to expire. If not, just what exactly have you been doing with your time?

In any case, several people have asked me if it can be made to work with Office 365. Using 365 as the email relay to send the messages, was one thing, querying 365 for a users password expiry, was something else. Something which at the time i believe could not be done.

Given they constantly release new features and tweaks, i revisited it this week and found that actually it can now be done, with a few tweaks to the original script.

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Office 365 Migration–Notes from a newbie. Or Killer Mistakes I made.

EOnlineI have just completed a migration from On Premises Exchange 2007, to Exchange Online. Despite what i thought was a pretty well prepared migration, i was gotchad at least four times, the last time actually needed Microsoft Escalation Support, when in actual fact  a slight change to documentation and me reading a littler clearer would have solved the four days troubleshooting we did.

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