Essentials Server PCI Compliance and TLS 1.0

I recently wrote some articles for Third Tier regarding Essentials Servers and TLS 1.0, so if you are looking for guidance on what to do or how to do it, or even what happens when you have found out what to do and then done it. Look no further than the Third Tier blog.

If you are also interested in SBS 2011 Standard, well then take a look at this.

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Robert Pearman is a UK based Small Business Server enthusiast. He has been working within the SMB IT Industry for what feels like forever. Robert likes Piña colada and taking walks in the rain, on occasion he also enjoys writing about Small Business Technology like Windows Server Essentials or more recently writing PowerShell Scripts. If you're in trouble, and you can find him, maybe you can ask him a question.

8 Responses to Essentials Server PCI Compliance and TLS 1.0

  1. Hi Robert,

    Great article! Thanks for all of your amazing sleuthing on this one.

    Just to let you know…

    In addition to losing PC client backups when disabling TLS 1.0 on the server, you also lose the ability to install/update any add-ins that have a client-side component to them as well (seeing as the server is no longer able to distribute the client-side component of the add-ins out to the PC clients).

    Also, things are no better on the RTM build of Windows Server 2016 Essentials. Out-of-the-box, Server 2016 gets a ‘B’ grade (up from ‘C’ in Server 2012 R2), but disabling TLS 1.0 on the 2016 server has the exact same set of consequences as it does on 2012 R2 servers (i.e. you lose client PC backups and you lose the ability to install/update the client-side component of any installed add-ins).

    — MIKE (The Office Maven)

  2. Disabling TLS 1.0 also seems to break the essentials Office 365 integration, the password change notification service doesn’t seem to start. Would we lose any functionality if we just switched to AADConect?

  3. 4.7.1 I believe, my test vM is patched up to date as well so presume thats either 4.7.1 or 4.7.2.

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