Outlook is losing my email?!? Event ID 9646 (Application Log)

iconRecently at a client of mine, we had an issue where one users Outlook would continually stop displaying new email. The inbox would show ‘last updated at..’ and would not move on from that time but, Outlook would correctly display ‘Connected’ in the bottom right corner. Read more of this post

Windows Server 2012 Essentials Public Beta

LogoIf you are interested there is now a public beta of ‘SBS8’ or Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

I am certainly not the best person to ask for a reasoned business argument about why the loss of SBS Standard is good or bad thing. Read more of this post

Small Business Server and Beyond..

cloudAn announcement has finally been made about the future plans for the SBS Product lines.

In 2011 the SBS Product team launched a new version of SBS, SBS Essentials, this was the first product in the SBS line not to include Exchange , it also was missing other components like SharePoint and WSUS.

The concept for this product was that it would integrate tightly with Cloud providers. At this time, many could see the writing on the wall for On Premises SBS with Exchange…

sbsstd  sbsess

SBS Standard

If you have been patiently waiting for the next release of Small Business Server Standard, with the Windows Server 2012 Operating System updates, sadly, you will be disappointed to learn that this SBS 2011 Standard is the last planned release of the Small Business Server Standard product SKU.

Let me clear that up, and say that there are currently no plans for any future Windows Operating System to include an Integrated Domain Controller, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server or WSUS Server.

The Premium Add-on (PAO) Component will also not be refreshed. SQL Server 2012 does not have a Small Business edition, meaning that they apparently cannot include that.

Which seems a little odd to me, as SQL 2008 for SMB, was just a modified version of SQL Standard that would only install in an SBS Domain.

SBS 2011 Standard will remain available through various channels until Q4 of 2013.

For those of you thinking about Software Assurance..


Q.36: If you have Software Assurance on Small Business Server 2011 Standard edition, you will receive one Windows Server 2012 Standard edition license and one Exchange Server Standard 2010 license.
This grant will be reflected upon your agreement renewal; however you are entitled to use the granted product upon availability.


SBS Essentials

The product you all know and love as Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, will be rebranded and refreshed onto the Windows Server 2012 platform.

The new name is Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

I haven’t decided whether i will call it WSE, or WES, but i think we should come to some agreement as it might get confusing. Of course WSE could be Storage Server Essentials, which, at this point at least, remains untouched. WES rolls off the tongue a little easier than WSE, but could perhaps give the false impression the name is Windows Essentials Server, i may play it cool and type WSE, but speak ‘Dub-S-E’ ; Dub being short for W of course, but then that could lead people to think that i mean SSE (DUB S, double S) which in turn could lead people to think i mean WSSE, and by that point i think people will have lost interest. You may well now be asking yourself why drop SBS in the first place, i mean, just look at the mess the last paragraph has ended up in!

There will not be a new version of Home Server. WSE has incorporated ‘Media Streaming’ it will now also act as a Domain Controller in your home, which is what apparently all that great feedback has told Microsoft you guys want.

Now, the SBS MVPs and Home Server MVPs have suggested this may be a little off the mark, but we are assured that the surveys have told them they are right.

We are also aware, but cannot confirm, the survey sample was 12 companies in Hong Kong.

If all of that is too much for you to take in, i sympathise! Just remember SBS Standard would want you to be happy, it would want you to move on..

More details surrounding WES will no doubt appear over the coming weeks.

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Quick Fix: FTP on SBS 2011 (Server 2008 R2)

sbsstdI have a new client who migrated to SBS 2011. They run some shipping label software that FTP’s information down from a server online to a local database on the server.

It used to run on a Server 2003 member server, but part of the migration was to move this onto the SBS 2011 box.

The company who support the software did the transfer, but when the software stalled when trying to ftp in, they had exhausted their knowledge and were out of ideas.

“…er, yeah don’t know how to do this on SBS…” Read more of this post

TitleRequired aka the Script-A-Tron

powershell2xa4Those of you following me on Twitter will no doubt have seen or ignored more than a few tweets from me recently about how much i like PowerShell.

Not least because it makes you look clever if you have a script open on one of your monitors.

I have said it before, Command line stuff just impresses people, its a scientific fact. Read more of this post

SBS 2011 Standard: Add a PSConfig Email Alert

sbsstdA client called me today to say ‘we cant get on the internet’, I asked what happened when they loaded up the browser, and they got a 503 Service Unavailable.

Read more of this post

SBS 2011 Essentials : PowerShell Cmdlets

sbse-conPowerShell is pretty cool. There does not seem to be much you can’t find out with it, or configure with it.

Not being a developer i struggle to build complex PowerShell scripts

Read more of this post

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