Connect Page Error Essentials 2016 Upgrade

mslogoThis post comes as a follow up to this thread opened in the TechNet forum.

It seems after an in place upgrade from Essentials 2012 R2 that some things don’t function as expected.

When you visit http://server/connect you are presented with an error.

connect error

Viewing the same path from the server desktop you get the corresponding error.

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Unable to create a VPN Connection on Windows 10

metroA friend called me up recently to ask for help with a Windows laptop. It had been running Windows 8.1 and auto upgraded to 10. During the upgrade, or, as a consequence of the upgrade it had lost its VPN connection to the main office.

It would not allow a new VPN connection to be setup either, with the wizard instantly failing after you entered the remote IP address, or, accepting the remote IP Address but sitting on the ‘Creating the Connection’ screen indefinitely. Read more of this post

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