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Well yet another 6 months has passed, nearly 7 since my last blog entry and yet again a huge amount of things in my life have changed, and yet again a concerted effort to keep my blog up to date has failed.

But no more, Inspired by an online acquaintance, friend, peer, better… Whose own blog is a shining example to the rest of us, i will endeavour to update this blog at least once a week, if not more regularly not only with my own slightly amusing observations but also with any useful (or generally not) bits of information i am picking up in my day to day life as an IT Engineer/ Dad / Husband. See i left husband till last.

Another blog introduction over lets dive into the juicy stuff.

My last entry in September, was a pretty low point for me, professionally and perhaps personally as well. I struggle to recall my feelings and views at particular points in time, so it is useful to be able to go back and read what i was feeling back then, because now we are 6 months down the line i can see those events through different eyes, and possibly draw different conclusions about that period of time.

I would look back and say it has been a very interesting and rewarding 6 months.

Ill try and keeps thing chronological for now, so lets start off with October…

With redundancy looming i set about applying for any job vacancy i could find, even for jobs well below the level i usually work at, and got pretty much zero responses, i had rewritten my personal website as a sort of online CV, which of course got zero hits and things were pretty bleak on the whole job front. I think i had had one interview at this point, which i didn’t even get a rejection for… just nothing.

I was given the opportunity to take part in the Windows 7 Beta exam process, for exams 685 and 686, which i studied for using the online MS learning area, which is great, full of useful material be it videos blog posts, or articles. Best of all it is free! I did also buy a copy of the Win 7 pocket admin guide, which i always do with new OS’s or products i intend to learn and got some useful info out of these.

I took the first exam on Friday the 9th, and the second on Friday the 16th, being beta exams i didn’t find out the result immediately, but i had a good feeling about the Desktop Support exam, but no so good a feeling about the enterprise support exam.

I got married!

Yes on the 13th of October me and my wife were married in Gretna Green, that’s in Scotland. A very small ceremony consisting of myself, my wife our daughter Stella and two witnesses which were provided by the venue. We chose to elope in this manner as we could never afford to pay for a big family wedding, and to be honest i am really not the type of person who would enjoy hosting one.

It, for me, was perfect. No fuss, and cheap. LOL.

Our wedding lunch was served at Costa Coffee, a lovely Panini and latte. Wedding meal served in the hotel dining room. Drove home the next day.

Stella turned one! Who knew just how fast they grow up, i really cant believe she is one, let alone now 17 months she is possibly the most well behaved 17 month year old anyone could wish for and we are all to thank my wife for her parenting skills i think.

I don’t think anything else particularly eventful happened, we had a party for Stella which went very well, we had something like 100 balloons in our living room which is about 12 x 10 feet, so it was swamped, but the children who attended loved it.

Moving into November i was made redundant, a strange time indeed, trying to navigate the minefield and utter disorganisation that is the job centre, and the wider benefits system, it just seems to be so difficult that you could probably start a business to advise people on how to either fill out forms, or what forms they need to fill out.. and make a tidy profit.

I was contacted in my first week of redundancy about a job opportunity, all seemed to go well and i even got a second interview. However a few days later i found out i had not been successful, i was to say the least a little shocked, i feel i had all the relevant skills and personality to do the job, but they obviously felt otherwise.. still i never burn my bridges (or i don’t try to) and also thought a little thought to myself that they were probably making a mistake, and may even want me after all in a week or so.

A similar situation a few weeks later, different company but same old story.

It was good to be at home throughout November, but the stress of being unemployed and with little or no help offered by our landlord, it wasn’t as happy a time as i could have wished for – perhaps rightly so.

Thoughts of starting my own consultancy crossed my mind, but i just don’t think i am quite ready for that, and to be honest i don’t think i could do it. My attitude toward customers leaves a little to be desired i think, and if i was running a business i don’t know how that would play. Perhaps i could attract the right kind of clientele? who knows.

In early December i found a job. Working for a small firm up in London, just by Kings Cross. The work here was a mixture of SBS and Enterprise level stuff, and i was tasked with looking after the biggest network i have ever worked on. I really enjoyed it. 8 Servers, 3 Main sites across the UK, Multiple DC’s, Exchange Server mixed environment, DFS, routing, it had everything. Really, very cool stuff. The people i worked with were also great, it was brilliant to be working with a team of techies rather than just on my own, and not just that but techies who were on a par with me (cue my head to enlarge) it was very rewarding, and i think i learned a lot from my time there, both personally and technically.

Alas, it wasn’t to last. I hated the commute up to London every day and to be honest the money wasn’t the best, also a lot of pressure to concentrate on paid work rather than other things that i personally deemed essential, but as i said, i learned a lot and you cant argue with the way they do business, it’s just i wasn’t 100% on board with it. Anyway, a great bunch of guys and i would love to work there again, if only it was a bit closer to home.

I left that company in February, and moved to my current position. Remember that company i thought would realise they wanted me after all ;)  Primarily focussed on SBS again i am working with, again, a good bunch of people and have even managed to bring on board a few new clients.

Bringing us more or less up to date….. Oh wait one more thing I am on paternity leave at the moment because……… YES! we have had our second daughter. Born last Monday, the 22nd weighing 9lbs 2oz.

More on that to follow over the next few entries, more also on the network maintenance i am doing at the moment. Removing Kaspersky and installing Trend Worry Free 6 SP2 – discovering well over 160 viruses on one machine alone.

All this and more in the next exciting instalment…

About Robert Pearman
Robert Pearman is a UK based Small Business Server enthusiast. He has been working within the SMB IT Industry for what feels like forever. Robert likes Piña colada and taking walks in the rain, on occasion he also enjoys writing about Small Business Technology like Windows Server Essentials or more recently writing PowerShell Scripts. If you're in trouble, and you can find him, maybe you can ask him a question.

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