Quick Fix : Find a Dell Service Tag, umm… Quickly!

Very very cool little trick this, which i picked up from Merv ‘Google Fu’ Porter (SBS MVP), no idea where he found this…  Google i suspect.

I’ve often needed to find a Dell service tag from a laptop, desktop or even a server, perhaps the best way used to be by asking a local user to look at the sticker.

Having battled with some of my users about just what a sticker actually looks like, it was time to find alternative options.

You may know you can go to the Dell Support website and run through a tool that will scan for your Service Tag, but that takes time (not really much time) but if you really, seriously, need that tag quick, and i mean yesterday, open up a command prompt and type this.

wmic csproduct get vendor,name,identifyingnumber

Service Tag

You’ll be shown your Service Tag and the Model of the Computer.

Thanks go to Merv.

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